Group therapy allows for many people to come together (sometimes on a virtual platform), with the facilitation of a therapist, to focus on the same issue.  Examples include:

  • a caregiver support group
  • medically fragile youth/ Parenting the Medically fragile
  • Men/Women’s Depression group
  • Divorce Recovery Group

Some groups may be “Open”- meaning that clients can start the group at any point. Some groups may be “closed”- meaning that they would not allow for new group members to join after the group starts. Groups therapy may have a series that meets weekly or bi-weekly for a period of 4-8 weeks. 

*All groups are self-pay, $50 per group or pre-pay for the series for a discount.  


Join our current Virtual Groups for 2022

  • Breathe In the New Year – A 6 week virtual group therapy series for women
    struggling with anxiety, trauma, or stress.  Meeting Tuesdays @10am, starting in January.   Breathe in the New Year
  • Every Body for EverybodyThis is an 8 week psychoeducational/process virtual group that explores issues surrounding body image and self esteem.  Topics include: perfectionism, social media, body image,  thoughts and how our mood related to one’s sense of self.  Two groups:  Young adult 18yo-25yo, and Adult 25+,  Meeting in the Evenings

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