Our medication providers insure that you have the medication that you need between appointments, however sometimes situations arise in which you need a refill. 

If you need a refill, please reach out to us, and we will work with your local pharmacy to insure that you have your medications.  Please be aware, in accordance with DEA requirements, all controlled substance prescriptions are pushed out electronically in 30 or less day increments.  The nationwide stimulant shortage may also impact which pharmacy has your medication, and may impact the refill timeline.  

*Refills will NOT be provided to patients that cancel or no-show the last appointment.  Another appointment must be scheduled within the next 30 days in order to refill a medication.  Please message meds@silverpsychotherapy.com if you need an appointment.  

Submit Refill Request Here

Refill requests can take up to 48-72hrs.